Evolution: The next level

October 30, 2007

This is the most enlightened generation, oh that’s what we like to think. But so has every generation before us – at their time… until time proves otherwise, as it often does. With this wisdom in sight, I take this opportunity to project what the future might probably be like. To begin with, convention is set to be the worst casualty.

A century ago Darwin brought it to our attention that we were evolving through a slow process he called ‘natural selection’. That was before we started interfering with ‘natural’ in the phrase and we replaced it with ‘gene’ selection… or shall we more aptly say we now have ‘artificial selection’. Let me explain…

Picture this; It’s sometime in the future and the human animal has stretched himself to his ultimate potential. We all know there’s only so much we can do in the physical realm. It’s not unimaginable that there will come a time records won’t be broken any longer. Atleast not in the way we have always known them to. Achievements in all spheres will become stagnant, except knowledge – and that only because we gain more by building the new upon the old that’s already known. I am refering mostly to physical endeavours. We have seen what has been done in farming to improve yields. Genetic interfering. I take my cue from there. Humans will soon become too impatient to wait for natural selection to improve their lot. The evidence is everywhere.  Remember the Marion Jones drug saga a few weeks ago? And those about to throw stones, are you forgeting that when you use Viagra it amounts to the same crime? Aren’t y’all trying to enhance performance – artificially!

Like trading in the futures market, people will soon be lining up to have genetic engineers wire their unborn babies with prefered aptitute – to be doctors, engineers, lawyers or artists – depending on what they think will be the most profitable profession for their kids.

Since most of us are already consuming genetically engineered foodstuff, it’s only logical to say that a new generation is emerging. I might not quote any research but I dare say kids are growing up noticably different from them days. What with new conditions like ADD and stuff like that. Why and where do these come from? Couldn’t this be termed evolution? Only this time it has human interference written all over it. The first few homo erectus were probably frowned upon by the homo habilies for walking up straight instead of using all fours – and said to have Two-Limb-Disorder perhaps!

Can you believe that only recently we were never allowed to use calculators in exams? The mere suggestion that they will soon be allowed would have been laughed off. But what do we see now? It is because of that that I have the audacity to proclaim that in the near future, hold tight for the designer babies, drug enhanced olympic games …and sex with machines! Or is it here already? No kidding, just check this out – a true story of a guy who had sex with a bicycle! <http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/main.jhtml?xml=/news/2007/10/26/nsex126.xml>

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October 30, 2007

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